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Saturday, March 8, 2014


About Magnolia Heat:
WARNING: This is a gay fiction novella with explicit and graphic sex scenes. Word Count: 15,000
Craven and his friend Anthony discover they're in over their heads the night they're caught spying on Beresford Hall. When Craven meets the dark, mysterious Dominic Beresford, he wonders if fate really does step in and take you by surprise when you least expect. A male/male, erotic historical that will leave you breathless.
Some reviews:
Five Stars - Erotic, anal/oral play, sex games, BDSM, GLBT 
An older man, a younger man, a country estate, and a secret society of jaded men seeking ever more depraved acts to sate their desires. Craven and Anthony, college students and very curious young men have been watching the comings and goings from Beresford Hall in hopes of catching a glimpse of Dominic Beresford, the mysterious and reportedly godlike master of the premises. When they are discovered, they receive a very insistent invitation to enter and learn what their penalty will be for spying on their betters.

Once again Keta Diablo grabbed me with her first sentence and took me right into her characters’ world. Her backgrounds are lush, her characters complete people who I am immediately interested in, and her sexual scenes are wild and captivating. I recommend this book, as I do all of Ms. Diablo’s books. - Got Erotic Romance

“Keta Diablo knows how to make debauchery and romance mix perfectly as demonstrated in her latest release, Magnolia Heat. Craven and Anthony haven’t had many bedfellows and that naïveté heightens their experience. While some scenes do depict the men experiencing forced seduction, it was never brutal and in fact, awakened both of their fantasies, as well as provided an opportunity to wallow in the depths of carnal delight. The setting was perfect for this story and created an abundance of emotions ranging from arousal to trepidation. Those who read BDSM will enjoy Magnolia Heat.” – Five Stars, Literary Nymphs
* * *
The sexual interactions are incredibly well written. The way Diablo breathes life into her characters is fabulous. From the sexy mysterious Dominic Beresford to the unassuming student Craven, I was hooked from page one. I loved both characters equally. What I found very poignant was how vulnerable both Dominic and Craven were.

Magnolia Heat may be a short novella, but it had my heart pounding more than one time, and for completely different reasons. This book has a touch of suspense, a few horrible memories from Craven, and several very hot sex scenes between sexy men.
4.5 Stars, Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

  Noun [ˈkīm]

Thick semi-fluid mass of partly digested food and secretions, formed in the stomach and intestines during digestion.

Its composition changes as various digestive juices and cellular debris and other waste products are added, and water and nutrients are absorbed from it during its passage through the digestive tract, at the end of which it is stored for excretion.

Origin: New Latin chymus, from Late Latin, chyle, from Greek chymos juice; akin to Greek chein, First Known Use: 1607.

Chyme is worth 15 points in Scrabble

Image Reminder

Chyme is a fantastic word to utilize if you write mystery, suspense, thrillers, and medical romance.

If you haven't read my four novellas in the CROSSROAD Series, I'd love to entice you to take a look. These are GAY FICTION Suspense/Mystery stories (WARNING: Explicit sex and language).

Here's the blurb for Book 1, CROSSROADS

Private investigator and ex-cop Frank McGuire is on a quest to find his dead partner's missing son. Rand Brennan has an identity issue, exacerbated since the death of his father. Hoping to find himself, Rand drops out of college, takes to the streets, and doesn't realize he's embroiled in duplicity and murder. Frank is stymied by the rampant serial killings. He channels one of the dead victims to help him unmask the killer.

Subsequent novellas in the series follow Frank and Rand's romantic relationship along with their forays into tracking serial killers. 
Reviews for Crossroads Series novellas
Crossroads Revisited, Book 2
"Crossroads Revisited is an exciting, suspenseful story. Frank uses his dominance to keep Rand where he wants him. He's very much in charge in their relationship. Frank's forcefulness and the way Rand craves it, is very sexy. Frank is a hard-edged guy who knows exactly how to push Rand's buttons. He also knows when to ease up. Rand has insecurities about Frank's true feelings for him. When he turns the tables on Frank, Frank gets a little taste of his own medicine, until he's in charge again. I like the BDSM dynamics of their relationship a lot. Crossroads Revisited is full of suspense and hot, hard sex." Joyfully Reviewed - 5 STARS

Crossroads, Book 1
"The characters are well written and "fleshed out". Their relationship is hot and loving. Frank knows that Rand needs certain things in life to make something of himself and he makes sure that Rand is cared for. There are some BDSM elements and a paranormal aspect but all of it fits with these two men. Suspense/thrillers are my absolute favorite reads and this series is suspenseful and thrilling and action packed all the way. My advice to you is grab your copies of the whole series and then plan to stay up late reading!" Amazon Reader - 5 Stars

Crossroads Showdown, Book 3 
"I dont know where to start with a review of the Crossroads series by Keta Diablo. How do I tell people that this is one of the best series I have ever read without sounding like a total fangirl? Well, I guess I don't because I am a total fan of Ms Diablo and her work. I will take a moment to brag here that I have an autographed copy of Crossroads and I cherish it. The Crossroads books have a favorite spot in my library, as they are some of the first mm romance books I ever read and became hooked, and they have been reread a dozen times or more." Amazon Reader - 5 Stars

Read the other reviews on Amazon!

All Four Novellas AVAILABLE HERE

NOOK - Barnes and Noble 

Thanks for reading about CHYME and my Crossroads Series

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The authors from Decadent Publishing’s 1 Night Stand series are celebrating the series’ birthday this October. I was fortunate to have been one of the early writers in the line, and I have written two for them at this point. I am excited to be celebrating with my fellow authors, the publisher, and our readers.

My second story in the series was Starting Over, which was also my first GLBT story. I have since then discovered how much I enjoy writing gay and ménage romances.

A virgin gay man, Corbin is finally ready to ease into his new lifestyle, still, making the move scares him shitless. He’d spent years fantasizing about embracing his true self, but what had possessed him to agree to a 1 Night Stand hook-up? As he nears his date, a long, lean man with shaggy, graying hair, a hard on pushing at the front of his swim trunks, and a sexy-as-hell grin, dreams pale in comparison, and easing in takes on a whole new meaning.

Though tired of being lonely, Matt considers changing his mind about the one-night arrangement until a tall, well-built man strolls across the pool area toward him, then all thoughts of leaving flee. Those broad shoulders, the amazing pecs, the spattering of dark hair on his chest…all of it calls to him. He wants to touch it, play with it. He forces himself to calm down. Matt would be his date’s first male lover, and he intends to find the inner strength to take his time.

Intense physical attraction and Madame Eve’s magic ignite a nearly uncontrollable sexual fire, but will it be enough for two men stating over?

Matt sat on a chaise lounge near the poolside bar, sipping on some fruity island drink the bartender had insisted he try. Not bad really, but he preferred beer. He’d been out here almost an hour and already had two women and a young stud make advances. He’d politely turned them all down, saying he was here with someone. Now he wished that someone would join him before he had to make excuses again to the Barbie-doll shaped woman heading in his direction.
She had no sooner wobbled up on her ridiculously high-heeled sandals than he spotted Corbin Bradley walking into the pool area. Well, well, well. Prime male and mine for the night. The thought surprised him, but he couldn’t deny the way his pulse raced and his body went on high alert. He grinned, glanced past the twenty-something blonde, and waved at his roomie. “Over here.”
Frowning her disappointment, the blonde walked off, muttering, “What a waste.”
He’d heard that kind of comment many times over the years and didn’t care a bit. He was comfortable with his homosexuality, even if others couldn’t easily see it until he revealed it. Unconcerned with her reaction, he studied the tall, well-built man making his way across the pool area. The photo he’d seen of Bradley didn’t do him justice. It seemed so wrong to ever hide those broad shoulders, the amazing pecs, and incredible six-pack beneath a suit, even an obviously expensive, tailored one. He longed to smooth his hands over what he saw, feel the muscles beneath his palms, play with the nipples and the spattering of dark hair on his chest. He wanted to…. God! Get it together. Stop salivating and be cool.
His cock had hardened and pressed the front of his trunks, so he lowered the hardback book he’d been reading and tented it over his erection. “Any trouble getting here?” A lame question, he knew.
“No.” He looked down at him and Matt saw uneasiness in his eyes. Yet he’d come all this way in spite of his rigid posture, the tightness in his jaw. He stretched out a hand. “Corbin, but I guess you know that already.”
Matt gave him a reassuring smile and shook it. Their hands, like their overall size, appeared similar, except his was callused from work. “Matt.”
With a slight nod of acknowledgment, Corbin eased onto the chaise lounge next to him, turning his head to take in the scene, the dozen sunbathers, the few people enjoying the pool. “I guess you can tell how nervous I am. I hope I don’t disappoint you.”
Matt relaxed. “I didn’t come here with a lot of expectations other than getting away, seeing someplace new, sharing the experience with someone.” He held Corbin’s gaze and said, “I’m a little nervous myself, but I think we’ll be fine together.”
His dark brown eyes looked hopeful. “As long as you understand….”
“Don’t worry about it..”
As if he needed to make sure Matt knew what he’d meant, Corbin leaned closer and said so only he would hear, “I’ve never…well, never been with a man.”
The admission took guts. Until that moment, Matt hadn’t really intended to actually have sex with the date he’d been matched with, although he’d toyed with the idea. Now he intended to be Corbin’s first male lover. He would guide him into what could happen between them.

Author Website: Starla Kaye
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Buy Link: Amazon

1 Night Stand Giveaway: To take part in the giveaway, click on the Rafflecopter link.
RAFFLECOPTER CODE: a Rafflecopter giveaway
Monday, September 30, 2013
If you haven't read The Sin Eater's Prince yet, might I entice you with some wonderful reviews?

"The Sin Eater's Prince A haunting, hypnotic and sexy story. The Sin Eater and the Vampire."

"Boy do those two burn up the sheets! The sexual energy is on the top of the charts."

"This story takes place in Wales. I could see this story play out in my head, I could see the country they were in, I could almost taste the breads the Sin Eater had to consume after each death."

"The Sin Eater's Prince is a sexy and atmospheric tale that reminded me a bit of an old-timey gothic horror movie."

"The story is full of action and drama of finger pointing from the superstitious beliefs that will keep you glued to the pages as Andras fights Dagan (Evil blood thirsty vampire) to save Owen." 

Average Amazon Rating - 4.7 Stars!

About The Sin Eater's Prince

Physician Andras Maddock will never shun the sin eater Owen. How do you ignore someone you love? Owen is stunned when Andras saves him from a gruesome death at the hands of vampire. How did the ordinary man kill a vampire who possesses supernatural powers?

Dagan, Dark Lord of the Underworld, vows to take the sword from Andras, the one weapon that allows the vampires to tolerate sunlight. There’s also the matter of his father’s death, and Andras will pay.


And thanks for dropping by!

Thursday, August 22, 2013
Evidence exists that same-sex marriages were tolerated in parts of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Artifacts from Egypt, for example, show that same-sex relationships not only existed, but the discovery of a pharaonic tomb for such a couple shows their union was recognized by the kingdom. Meanwhile, accounts of the Israelites' departure for Canaan include their condemnation of Egyptian acceptance of same-sex practice. In actuality, same-sex marital practices and rituals are less known in Egypt compared to Mesopotamia, where documents exist for a variety of marital practices, including male lovers of kings and polyandry. None of the recorded laws of Mesopotamia, including the Code of Hammurabi, contain restrictions against same-sex unions despite the fact that marriages are otherwise well regulated (Eskridge).

Classical antiquity in the Western world is frequently cited for examples of same-sex love and relationships, though separate concepts of homosexuality and heterosexuality did not exist in the same way as today. Plato’s Symposium, for example, describes instances of homosexual attraction and same-sex relationships in ancient Greece without condemnation. Some point to examples of same-sex interaction in Greek artwork as further evidence of its equal status within the society. Individual, higher status, however, was of critical importance to free expression of love.

Status enabled older men, beginning in their 20s and 30s to act as mentor to a younger male who had not yet reached adulthood. The relationship consisted of a standardized courtship ritual and the basic belief that male attraction to other men was typically considered to be a sign of masculinity. Same-sex unions were known to have occurred in addition to opposite-sex marriages, existing simultaneously as an educational union available between teacher and pupil, for both men and women outside of their heterosexual arrangement. Such beliefs were not universal in ancient Greece, however. Some states disapproved of the rituals and relationships (Pickett).

The main considerations in same-sex relationships in early history were often love, beauty, and excellence of character rather than gender. There was also a cultural-religious basis for homosexual practice. Greek mythology records “same-sex exploits” by gods as high ranking as Zeus. And the epics of Homer, the Iliad and the Odyssey, contain poetic passages that suggested homoerotic love to the educated hearer. But the culture underwent a transition during which homosexual expressions of love went from overt to covert (Dynes).

Roman social customs are relatively well known, and same-sex unions existed as high in society as among Roman emperors. Roman statesman Cicero also documented legal rights of an individual within a same-sex marriage. Female same-sex unions seemed to have been less common, but only because women enjoyed less freedom in their economic and social endeavors (Eskridge).

Over time, Rome experienced a similar trajectory as Greece between the early republic and the later empire, and negative attitude toward same-sex unions and non-procreative sexuality increased with the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire (Pickett). By the fourth century, anxiety toward obviously pervasive same-sex unions reached a peak when the state passed a law promising punishment to anyone entering a same-sex marriage (Eskridge).

Note: From RANDOM HISTORY web site:

Stay tuned for the next article on History of Gay Marriage and Relationships

* * *
Keta's Gay Fiction Books
Friday, August 2, 2013
I love reading books about pirates and the high seas. Readers are guaranteed to find action and adventure between the pages. This is so true with THE DEVIL'S HEEL, a hot, steamy man-love novella. Here a teaser about the book. If you enjoy the read, please be sure to leave a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

The Devil’s Heel, A Homoerotic Pirate Novella
WARNING: Explicit language & man love

Five years ago Drew Hibbard dismissed Rogan Brockport from his life. Now, they meet again at the Governor’s Ball and Rogan will know the reason for the abrupt, unexplained cut. After Rogan saves Drew’s life during a pirate raid, he kidnaps him and the perfect opportunity to extract answers from Drew is finally at hand.

* * *
Even Rogan wouldn’t cause a scene in the crowded room, and Drew would love the opportunity to put the guttersnipe in his place once and for all. He braced for the unpleasant encounter mere moments away.

Rogan offered his hand with a smirk, his intent, no doubt, to remind him of what his virile masculinity had always done to him. “Ah, Drew, widowhood becomes you. I’ve never seen you look better.”

The stinging retort died somewhere in his throat. He saw only the beautiful physicality of the man and Rogan had only shaken his hand.

Rogan locked eyes with his. “Rather neglectful of Fallon to leave you to the she-cats, wouldn’t you say?”

Finding his tongue, Drew lifted his chin. “There’s only one beast in my line of vision, Rogan, and I can’t imagine whatever would possess the cunning creature to sniff me out.”

“Touché,” he whispered in that sensual voice that made Drew shiver with need.

He turned his head and scanned the crowd. “Whatever you want, be quick about it.”

“I want you, Drew, and I don’t intend to be quick about it.”

Even as Drew turned to look at him again, hot blood rushed through his veins. “We have nothing to discuss, so be about your business and leave.”

“Oh, come now.” Rogan smiled. “For old times’ sake, have a drink with me.”

He’d forgotten how that sinfully gorgeous mouth could turn him to pulp. “I have no intention of drinking with you, Brockport.” He allowed his words to linger. “Ever again.”

Rogan leaned in, his low words a whisper of warning. “I’m certain you don’t relish a scene the very first night of your reemergence into society.”

He stood so close, his distinct scent of sandalwood and pure man wafted around Drew, causing the muscles in his lower belly to throb and his cock to stiffen. Without conscious thought, his gaze ran the length of Rogan’s powerful body and settled on the expanding bulge in his breeches.

Christ, help him; he had to get away from the man. “How-how did you know this was my first night out?”

“I make it my business to know everything about you, Drew.” Rogan smiled. “And you’re staring.”

Drew brought his head up. “You really are a black-hearted son of a bitch.”

“You can tell me all about it over that drink. This way,” Rogan said with a flourish of his arm.

Their low-pitched conversation had caught the attention of several onlookers. Drew smiled, nodded, and followed Rogan through the ballroom. Several tense moments later, they arrived at a balcony where Rogan ushered him into a secluded alcove. Drew's heartbeat raced and his knees grew weak.

Rogan raised his glass, his gaze hot and searing. “I offer my belated condolences on your wife’s death.”

“Bullshit,” he said. “As if you mean it.”

Rogan set his drink on a nearby ledge. “I didn’t wish for Claudia’s death but it certainly makes everything much easier.”

“Easier?” Had the man lost his mind? “What are you about now, Brockport?”

“I plan to call on you in the coming days.” He took a step forward. “And Fallon won’t put me off this time. I’m older, wiser and entirely more confident now.”

“You’re mad is what you are.” He took a step back. “I won’t receive you; I have no desire to speak to you now or ever.”

“It no longer matters what you desire, unless it’s me again.” Rogan stalked closer. “I'll call on you and you'll receive me or. . . .”

Thursday, July 18, 2013
* Vampires
* Suspense
* Man Love
About Blood Oath
When Kale MacDonald’s beloved grandmother dies, she leaves a letter urging him to travel to Savannah. There he’ll find his destiny. Kale is confronted by a strange, decadent man who’s been stalking him. He’s also confronted by rogue vampires intent on killing him. Mystery and danger collide in the City of Secrets and no one is who they appear to be.

* Man Love
* Office Romance
*  HAWT!

About Hot and Sticky
It's been extremely difficult for Hugh Landon, an up-and-coming lawyer in Washington,  to control his sexual fantasies about his paralegal, Milan Vassar. When his career hangs in the balance over a missing file, Hugh must call Milan at midnight and plead for assistance. Hugh's determination to not mix business with pleasure implodes when Milan arrives, not only to help him but to confess he has the same secret desires for his boss.

Friday, June 14, 2013
adj - ˈa-mə-tiv

Relating to or inclined toward love, amorous. Medieval Latin amativus, from Latin amatus, past participle of amare. First known use 1636. "Amative," which was first introduced in 1636, was modeled on Medieval Latin "amativus," from the past participle of "amare." "Amorous," on the other hand, goes back to Middle English and came from Medieval Latin "amorosus," an adjective based on the noun "amor" ("love"). 

Here are examples of amative in a sentence: " The waiting was tedious, and having been long denied, the amative element could not brook further delay." And . . .
"On Valentine's Day, Fred expressed his amative feelings for Nancy with a gift of chocolate."

Spanish fly, amative , amatory, amorous, erotic, love drug, popper, turn-on, wampole,  amatory, amorous, aphrodisiac, bawdy, blue*, carnal, concupiscent, earthy, erogenous, fervid, filthy, fleshly, hot*, impassioned, kinky*, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, obscene, off-color, prurient, purple*, raunchy, raw, romantic, rousing, salacious, seductive, sensual, sexual, spicy, steamy, stimulating, suggestive, titillating, venereal, voluptuous

In almost every romance novel the word amative could apply. In THE SIN EATER'S PRINCE, a historcal VAMPIRE set in mystical Wales, the impassioned love between the heroes is carnal and forbidden.  Andras Maddox is the village physician, Owen, the village Sin Eater. (The term sin-eater refers to a person who, through ritual means, would take on by means of food and drink the sins of a household, often because of a recent death, thus absolving the soul and allowing that person to rest in peace. In the study of folklore sin-eating is considered a form of religious magic. This ritual is said to have been practiced in parts of England and Scotland, and allegedly survived until the late 19th or early 20th century in Wales) .

The Sin Eater's Prince is a GAY FICTION novel with mystical, paranormal elements steeped in Welsh legend and lore. Sin eaters were common in the outlying villages and were called upon to consume the sins of the dying or the dead. They were shunned by villagers who considered them UNHOLY (walking around with so many sins on their soul).  Andras and Owen share a common bond --love from afar. When Andras saves Owen from a wretched death at the hands of a vampire, their love for one another is finally revealed.

SETUP and EXCERPT: Owen travels through the woods at night after consuming the sins of a dying woman in the village and is confronted by a ghastly creature with wings.
* * *
Moonlight slanted through the pine trees, and in the stillness of the forest, the ocean roared in the distance. Occasionally, Owen stumbled on a rock, quickly regained his footing and followed the silver ribbons down the narrow path.

"The forest holds danger and mystery," his tad always said.

From the inflection in Andras's voice tonight, apparently he felt the same. The man had subtly tried to warn him without alarming the servant. And he'd tried to tell Andras he couldn't spend another night under his roof hungering for his touch.

A fluttering of giant wings to his left brought forth a shocked gasp, and another stumble. He fell to his knees as the moon ducked behind a patch of clouds and pitched his world into darkness. Through the black mystery of the forest, he narrowed his eyes and searched for the airborne creature. When the skin at the nape of his neck prickled, he wished he'd taken Andras's advice and stayed in the stables. The scent of horse dung would have been preferable to the fear anchoring him to the forest floor.

His tad's voice echoed in his ears. "A vampire cannot enter a private dwelling unless the occupant grants him permission. Most long tooth attacks occur outside the abode in isolated areas at night." 

Get up, Owen, ye dolt! Run! Ye have got to make it home! Clambering to his knees, he stilled when a brilliant flash exploded in the clearing ahead. Beneath a canopy of evergreens, a beast appeared in his line of vision. Nay, it was not a predator of the forest but an upright human form. Shrouded in billowing black, his white skin shone like a beacon under the inky sky. Terror seized him as the phantom advanced at a foot-dragging pace, the undercurrents of death heavy in the morbid air. The ghoul’s eyes crazed with blood lust, his long white fangs descending, he circled him. 

Owen's throat constricted with fear, yet the specter's ageless features and hypnotic eyes immobilized him. Time ceased to exist and his immortality rushed forward. Death clung to his pores; he felt it surround him like a black shroud. Lladd amser. His father's words for Killing Time lashed about him like a hard rain. He knew someone would die again soon, but never suspected the someone would be him.

In the breath of a heartbeat, a new shape burst onto the scene, exploding through the bracken with lightning speed. Without pause, the newcomer lunged, the flash of his sword powerful and true. Metal met metal in a timeless dance of deflect and parry, only to meet time and again beneath the shadowy moon.

A peal of laughter bounced off the trees. "Well done, Andras. Someone has taught ye well." 

His name fell from Owen's lips on a whisper. "Andras?" 

The scene played out before him like an act from a Shakespearean play...except the characters obviously knew one another. 

Andras gave no answer to his enemy's false compliment, but rather countered with a vicious upward slice toward his groin. The being lunged with a heavy thrust and sliced open Andras's shoulder. Owen focused on the torn fabric of his jerkin, waited for a stream of blood to arc through the vaporous air, and groaned when it failed to appear. 

Vampire against vampire, their bodies whirled and twisted in a maelstrom of flesh and bone. They thrashed and tumbled on the ground only to continue the fight moments later in the branches of a massive oak.

Paralyzed, Owen watched with his heart in his throat. Long fangs gnashed and an anonymous bloodcurdling scream rent the air. Still it didn't end. Blades clanked beneath moonbeams and then Andras pirouetted with the agility of a jungle cat. Time ceased to exist as he brought the claymore up high above his head. On the downswing, the mighty blade keened its death knell and severed the long tooth's head from his neck. The demon's limp body tumbled from the branch and landed three feet from Owen. Gray smoke rolled from the creature's open cavity, his body recoiling like a giant serpent's tail in the last throes of death. 

Owen clutched his abdomen and retched. Long seconds later and fighting off waves of dizziness, he lifted his head and stared into the ghost-white face of Andras Maddock. Bent at the waist, the physician gasped for precious air, yet kept his keen sight on the periphery of the clearing. 

Owen followed his gaze with sickening dread. Were more long tooths waiting to attack? And who or what was Andras?

"Can ye walk?" Andras said jumping from a low branch of the tree with the sinuous grace of a cat. He holstered his sword in the scabbard about his waist.

Owen nodded. 

"I suggest we leave. Now." 

"But, who?" 

"If we remain here, more will come, and I can't fight them all."


Andras straightened and studied him with narrowed perception. "'Tis certain."

He fought through the rising panic and looked at Andras's shoulder. "No blood again." 

"Aye, but 'tis the least of our worries. I'll explain soon if we live long enough." 

Mesmerized by the voice and in shock over the scene played out before him, Owen looked into the cold, lifeless eyes of the dead man. "Vampires here in Pembrokeshire?" 

"I could ask the same: a sin eater in our midst?"



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